Friday, 29 May 2015

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has tabled a bill in the House of Commons today to expand the powers of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canada's spy agency.

consumer vs producer

i think that the laws that we have now is the best way to give the producer the money from sales and the people that buy it should be allowed to share it with their friends because its the same as if I played it out loud the only people that will hear it are my friends so we should be able  to listen to it when we aren't hanging out. and even though we share it with are friends we should not be allowed to profit of someone else work by selling the disc.

Why advancements in technology is a good thing.

Advancements in technology is a good think because it improves everyone's lives.  

People are so sucked in to their devices they miss what's  happening in the World. They have no self control as to when to get out of their phones and when to put them away. And some people may think that if phones and computers were non existent we wouldn't have this problem. But if we didn't have technology we wouldn't be able to call the police or call our family when there is an emergency, or to just say hello So therefore technology is good.

Another reason that technology is good is all the advancements it has had in military and civilian lives. The advancements in military help our troops be better prepared for combat and how more knowledge of where they are being deployed, advances in civilian technology help because technology improves everyone's lives even if you don't realize it, technology helps us manage our time, helps us contact people that you might not talk to face to face, and we can save important moments of our lives with pictures and videos.

Self Driving Car

Why Self driving cars are bad

Self driving cars are bad because of various reason including these few examples.

Self driving cars are bad because of how much they would cost, it would be a thirty thousand for just the car all the new technology to be updated daily and keep you safe would be at least two hundred thousand so if these were to be produced and sold to the public only 1% of the world would be able to afford it.

Another reason is relying in technology to keep you and other people safe, the cars run off Google maps but what is something was to change on the fly like a bridge under constructing and the cars not updating the maps in time.

Another reason self driving cars are bad is what if the car blows a red light hits someone or something who is to blame the car manufacturer or the owner of the car, also what if two self driving cars got into a accident who would be to blame and pay for the damages.

These examples are why I think self driving cars are bad and not safe.
New Technology

1. A Self steering bullet made by the US military designed to move the bullet to hit moving targets. 

2. Chameleon-like Material Changes Color On Demand, Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley announced today that they have developed an ultra-thin material that can change color on demand by bouncing back light on the nanoscale level.

3. A robot that is designed in the shape of a octopus that can preform surgery and reach spots that were never accessible by humans, shaped like a octopus for maneuverability.

Job opportunities in tech would be hacking and programing, making content on Youtube or your own website or working at a big company like Microsoft, Sony, apple, Bungie and facebook. at the companies you can work in a call center manufacturing a product or inventing a new product. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Trick or Treat

 Tomorrow is Halloween which means candy and treats.. or tricks but how old is to old to go trick or treating, I believe that everyone should be able and allowed to go trick or treating if they want. But some people that trick or treating is for little kids but they are probably just jealous that you are being yourself and are getting free candy, so if you want to have fun and eat candy all night go and have fun and stay safe.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has tabled a bill in the House of Commons today to expand the powers of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canada's spy agency.

With all the recent attacks against Canada and its people the Canadian Security Intelligence Service has be given permission to look at what all Canadian civilians are doing on their smartphones computers email anything online they will have access. I believe that CSIS viewing what I am doing is not a big deal because I have nothing to hide on the internet but I feel that people with more private lives will have a problem with this because they don't want no one to view what they are doing.